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Upcoming: the first ever Hotzen Forest music videos!

The first ever music videos from the legendary Hotzen Forest (Hotzenwald, at the sourthern tip of the Black Forest) are currently in production!

The song "Mann am Fenster" (Old Man by the Window) from the Herrischried Rockband 'Sweet, Soft & Hairy', als well as the former funky hit "Mein Rotes Fahrrad" (My Red Bicycle) from the legendary blues couple 'Blondie' und Iris Wallaschek, are currently being produced and filmed by Holger E. Metzger of Chromatics Entertainment.

These music videos shall be performing a short round on the international music video festival circuit, although a local music (video) festival in Herrischried may be organized first to celebrate Hotzenwald popular music culture. More on that soon...stay tuned!

Everyone involved in these film projects is keen on communicating to a larger inter/national audience the Hotzenwald, a region teeming with legendary stories, with fascinating ancient craft and spell-binding culture, as well as world-class artists in so many spheres.

For the "Mann am Fenster" music video, Herrischried mayor Christian Dröse kindly allowed the production to film key scenes in the fabled Klausenhof Museum, a 600-year-old farmhouse which today is the oldest preserved building in the southern Black Forest, and as much a cultural gem as the musicians whose songs are being turned into catchy music videos now.

Check in regularly for a release date for these music videos, and for information on more upcoming film projects in the region and beyond.

All images © Chromatics Entertainment, no reproduction without explicit permission.


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