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Our Process

Here is how we approach each project, tailoring individual steps to the specific requirements of different types of films and videos.

step 1.png
step 1.png


Deep Dive

For most brand and corporate film projects where TAs need to be convinced in one way or another, we apply this first step:

We use narrative psychology for a speedy deep dive into target customers’ product/segment-related emotional spaces (after all, we're also brand & communication psychologists).




To pinpoint key perceptual and motivation elements to infuse into the video story’s theme – to ensure the all-important emotional sync with customers’ needs and aspirations.


Story | Structure | Storyboard

To facilitate speedy and cost-effective production, detail-focused pre-production work is essential:

We develop and pitch up to 3 story ideas, then we create a storyline and produce a production storyboard.




To ‘realize’ the story on critical dimensions prior to production – to ensure optimal quality and vision, time and cost controls.

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step 1.png
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Flexible, speedy and cost-effective production:


With solid pre-production, versatile cinematic gear and a professional, flexible team.




To facilitate a filming style that is agile and creative, but which ensures utmost quality – as we nimbly overcome various production challenges.



"What Drives the Cut?"


Award-winning creative editing:


Hollywood-trained and story-focused editing with strong emotional impact takes precedence over (often just) gratuitous VFX effects parades.




To ensure that the visual and audio elements hit the viewer deep in their hearts and minds.

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Marketing: Trailer & Teaser

Anticipation – Appeal – Action:



We cut trailers and teasers in all formats required for the chosen channels, for maximum impact on your target audiences.




To ensure that the final story creates anticipation, accumulates appeal and interest – to finally hit the audience via your choses media channels.

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