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Chromatics Studios

Creatively Sharp Storytelling

The 1. Black Forest Multi-Dimension Festival was a roaring success, we would like to express our gratitude to all visitors and organizers! We're already in preparations for the next event, ready to create a flurry of films covering a range of unique themes and stories.
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Corporate & Brand

Branded Entertainment: the ultimate Brand Equity Tool

Today's truly successful brands have one aspect in common:

their narratives and content contain critical elements that target customers can emotionally identify with.


Branded Entertainment is effective, not only because it 'tells stories' but because professionally crafted stories address the target audience's sense of identity and aspirations - and they do so in a captivating way.

Rhetoric is the tactical art of short-term persuasion, while identity-based and emotional storytelling commands long-term engagement and impact, and therefore high strategic value.

Unrivalled Filmmaking, Insights & Branding Expertise

We are internationally award-winning story- & filmmakers, and we operate a top notch editing & color grading studio. We are also accomplished consumer psychology & brand communication professionals with a two decade track record of helping global brands win fans and customers in international markets.

Branded Entertainment Clients
Toronto Winner.png
SEMI FINALIST - Shanghai International Short Week - 2023.png
IMPA Award.png
HONORABLE MENTION - Munich New Wave Short Film Festival - 2023.png
HONORABLE MENTION - Cine-Maniacs Filmfest - 2023.png
People & Documentaries
Der Nutzloser Glaspuster POSTER UPDATED.png

The award-winning documentary

"Der Nutzlose Glaspuster  |  The Useless Glassblower"

Toronto: Winner Best Cinematography
Ontario: Winner Best Documentary Screenplay
Slovenia: Winner Best Short Documentary

 Documentaries that captivate, touch hearts and persuade minds.

Music Videos

We create award-winning MVs that tell impactful stories with emotional logic.


Engaging music videos activate powerful emotions in the hearts and minds of the audience – because that’s what the best music does, too.


MVs are a most powerful marketing medium.


Effort and creativity flows into the conceptualization of each MV, to make the song’s emotional logic pulsate – and convey the artists' personality and charisma.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - LA Music Video Awards - 2023.png
MUsic Video 'My Red Bicycle'
by Blondie
Best Music Video Mannheim, Germany
Official Selection LA Music Video Awards
Finalist Rome MV Awards
Finalist Munich MV Awards
BEST MUSIC VIDEO - Mannheim Arts and Film Festival - 2023 - 1.png
Music Video 'Man by the Window'
by Sweet, Soft & Hairy
Award Winner
Global Music Awards!
Best Music Video London Multi Dimension
Munich MV Awards
International Press

Core Competencies

Culture & Market Insights

Script Development | Screenwriting


Video Editing & VFX

Sound Effects & Music

Color Correction & Color Grading

Beauty Work

Mastering, Re-Framing, Finishing

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Experienced Network across Europe & Asia

Our Chromatics und Biscuit Production Teams in Germany and Shanghai help you produce content for European markets as well as China, India, South Korea and other Southeast-Asian markets, naturally tailored to their own unique social media platforms and channels.
Commercials, promos and corporate image films, co-produced in Shanghai by Chromatics and Biscuit Productions, for leading global and local brands.
Creative Chromatics YouTube Channel
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