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State of the Art Editing, Color Grading & Sound Design

When we partner with with brands, bands, directors and cinematographers, we create looks that engage emotionally, that bring to life the unique vision of our partners and clients. Most editors and colorists will give you a pretty picture. It is understanding & navigating the cultural and emotional experience that makes a true artist.

Both the editing style and color grading are crucial elements in enhancing look and impact of your project and evoking emotion in your audience.


And that's what we are and what we do as editors and colorists: the films and images we create mean something, and we work with our clients to define what that something will be.

With more than a decade of multi-cultural experience in creative film, documentary and corporate video production, we possess an acute sensitivity for what drives the cut, a distinctive eye for light and color and the technical acuity of today's state of the art editing & grading standards.

Editing, Color Grading, VFX

Editing of footage

Color correction & shot matching (all professional & consumer cameras)

Creative color grading

Motion graphics & animations

VFX special effects, compositing

Sound & Music

Audio syncing

Audio cleaning & enhancing

Background sound removal

SFX audio effects & sound

Licensed music

Original music compositions

Editing & Color Grading Demo Reel
(coming shortly)

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