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Konzeption & Produktion

"99% of all advertising today simply informs. So does Google. It doesn't achieve anything else. Branded Entertainment, however, in the form of drama, comedy or stunning documentaries touch people emotionally. Most importantly, those stories persuade, as they effectively change people's emotions and perceptions, and then even their behavior.
Holger E. Metzger
Guest Lecture for Professor Lydia Price's MBA Class
CEIBS (China Europe International Business School), Shanghai, China, January 2023
Branded Entertainment: the ultimate Brand Equity Tool

Videos and short films define modern brand communication:  a well-told story raises brand equity and the target group's conversion rate.

Story is King!

Nothing is bigger turn-off than traditional ads and image films. Captivating, original content attracts attention, impacts perceptions and motivation. It's as simple as that.

Branded Entertainment addresses Emotional Needs

Today brands are successful if they allow consumers to emotionally identify with their stories - in particular, when people's so-called self narratives sync with critical elements of the brand narrative.


Bringing it all Together

We are internationally award-winning story- and filmmakers. We create films for brands and corporations to impact their target customers. Our portfolio ranges from documentaries to image films, from insights and products experience videos to full brand stories.

We are brand psychologists with many years of experience in insights and brand communication. For more than two decades we have been helping international brands decode their customers in China, Southeast-Asia and Europe, we have been sharpening and creating their communication content to help them succeed in highly competitive markets.

Engaging documentaries, short narrative films and even branded music videos accomplish what traditional advertising struggles to achieve: they create a sense of emotional relevance, attraction and purchase motivation.

Because we know how to sync captivating entertainment with deep emotional needs.


Oh, and our short films tend to win awards at international film festivals.


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Trailers are not only used for full-length movies - trailers are a critical component of every communication form in all areas of commercial and cultural life.


Trailes have one key goal:  to attract viewers and potential customers via cleverly chosen, arranged and conveyed elements, and to effectively activate the audience's next steps.

That's why trailer editors are respected as top storytellers in the film industry!


Our trailers are engaging, entertaining and motivating, we have the professional skills to touch audiences and make them take the next step - and we do so for clients in all commercial and cultural spheres.

Video and audio elements enhance learning effectiveness by five times.


Whether you are in B2B or B2C, a health product manufacturer or education provider, we produce engaging training videos, communicating complex content in a clear and captivating fashion.


Recruitment videos convey not tangible elements of your corporation, as well as intangible values and cultures that candidates usually do not see in interviews.


Via engaging storytelling we combine all facets of your  corporation to help you attract the best talent.

Real estate marketing and architectural pitching – first impressions last.

Spectacular drone videos and photos, both inside and outside the building, take viewers on an impressive visceral tour of the property and surroundings.

Well crafted videos and images provide favorable first impressions and, importantly, enhance positive frames, interest and motivation.

mavic 3 pro 1.jpg

Every region has its own unique stories to tell – however, what makes those stories even more interesting and engaging is how they are conveyed in sound and sight.


Via suitable genres and techniques we create spectacular images and story worlds, all blended into a one-of-a-kind tourism video for your region and travel experience.


With out international teams we are able to address people at home and abroad:


deploying culturally suitable storytelling techniques we engage and motivate people from Solingen, Seoul and Shanghai.

We produce content for schools and universities, covering specific educational events, student recruitment, lectures and conferences, as well as content for selected curricula.

For example (see video intro below), we produced a live-action 3 season/21-episode dramedy series on a human IT programmer trying to ‘educate’ a robot, for a leading international school group to serve as their central learning tool for language students. The series is now part of one of the world's leading Mandarin learning programs.

Whatever you need, we create compelling content to help you grow your institution.

We create beautiful and impactful content for the Arts & Culture sector. In Germany, for instance, we recently initiated the southern Black Forest “Hotzenwald Series” that introduces local artists, and promptly won a flurry of international prizes for its first short documentary on a traditional glass artist.


We work with leading cultural organizations and institutions. We understand your story, we help you realize and spread your creative vision via engaging videos. Our creative team will work with you to create films that share your story in the best way.


With fascinating visuals and stories and beautiful spaces for filming, as an arts & culture organization you have all the elements required to create captivating content. A new exhibition, a performance or event, we produce impactful content to help you reach and build a larger audience.

CHROMATICS Drama Series: "I, Human"  Web-Series
Language Education Drama Series, 3 Seasons, 21 Episodes
lient: Education Index, a globally leading international education group
Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 09.09.58.png
CHROMATICS Brand Communication:
L'Oreal YOUTHCODE Skin Serum

Developed emotionally engaging musical drama for regional ad agency's TV Commercial Communication
lient: L'Oreal Asia-Pacific
Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 09.52.48.png
CHROMATICS Brand Communication:
Danone AQUA Water

Developed engaging 'Space Travel' drama for
TV Commercial Communication

lient: Danone Asia-Pacific
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