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Color Grading

Color Correction & Image Quality Enhancement

Color correction and image quality enhancement is a prerequisite for successful creative color grading. White balancing, exposure control, de-noise, depth of field management, phone and drone footage issues and so on, need to be solved first. We also need to conform footage from various different cameras used on a typical production set, we shot match individual clips and scenes.



Color Grading

Powerful images impact perception and behavior. They allow the audience to immerse themselves in the story, they activate specific emotions, they stir interest in a brand and make people buy products. In today's hyper-fragmented information & entertainment age, images need to work extremely hard to break through clutter, to gain and maintain attention.

Excellent colorists need to master more than technical software skills: we are also professionally trained in perception and communication psychology, we understand how hues and colors, light and shadow impact emotions and thoughts, and we apply that knowledge and experience to your film and/or commercial's advantage.

Beauty Work

Beauty work is a targeted re-touching process for moving images, from short commercials to full-length feature films. Beauty work applies to talents' faces and bodies, as well as products and other critical objects in a scene.

Finishing & Re-framing

Be it a logo that needs to be added or changed, a tattoo or other distracting objects that need to be removed, or bodies that need to be reshaped in a certain way, we accomplish all that - without any visible traces.  Then, we re-frame the film or commercial for streaming on all social media platforms.

Color Grading DEMO REEL

Editing, Color Grading, VFX
  • Editing of footage

  • Color correction & shot matching (all professional & consumer cameras)

  • Creative color grading

  • Motion graphics & animations

  • VFX special effects, compositing

Sound & Music
  • Audio syncing

  • Audio cleaning & enhancing

  • Background sound removal

  • SFX audio effects & sound

  • Licensed music

  • Original music compositions

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